AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Mastering AWS isn’t just about building sites online. The service gives developers access to an interconnected suite of features offering compute power, database storage, content delivery, and a growing portfolio of related functionality. Businesses around the world are using AWS to grow and to scale. Cloud computing is here to stay and the solutions available from Amazon Web Services are accelerating its growth.

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Working with MongoDB

MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database management program. NoSQL is used as an alternative to traditional relational. MongoDB’s document model is simple for developers to learn and use, while still providing all the capabilities needed to meet the most complex requirements at any scale. With the rise in data all around the world, there has been an observable and increasing interest surrounding the wave of the non-relational database, also known as ‘NoSQL‘. Businesses and organisations are seeking new methods to manage the flood of data and are drawn toward the alternate database management tools and systems that are different from the traditional relational database systems that is MongoDB.

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Hadoop Fundamental 1

Hadoop is a name that represents two items, one a child’s toy and the other an open source framework for distributed storage and processing of big data. Hadoop is a general-purpose, operating system-like platform for parallel computing.Hadoop comes to the rescue as it takes care of all the above limitations: it’s an open-source (with strong community support and regular updates), operating system-like platform for parallel processing that does not rely on specific hardware vendors for ongoing hardware support (works with commodity hardware) and does not require any proprietary software.

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Hadoop and Amazon Cloud

Apache™ Hadoop® is an open source software project that can be used to efficiently process large datasets. Instead of using one large computer to process and store the data, Hadoop allows clustering commodity hardware together to analyze massive data sets in parallel. There are many applications and execution engines in the Hadoop ecosystem, providing a variety of tools to match the needs of your analytics workloads. Amazon EMR makes it easy to create and manage fully configured, elastic clusters of Amazon EC2 instances running Hadoop and other applications in the Hadoop ecosystem.

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